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May 19, 2016
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May 30, 2016

Vicky & David

We loved Vicky & Davids quirky special day! Here are some questions we asked this awesome couple.

Q: Your love story: how did you meet and fall in love?

A: We met through mutual friends while studying at University of Pretoria. After being good friends for a good few years we decided to take things a step further than “just friends”. We knew each other for 15 years, 8 of which we were dating, before making it official. We got there eventually!

Q: What is the favourite activity that you enjoy as a couple ?

A: Traveling! We explore the world together every chance we get and especially enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and diving.

Q: Weddings often go hand-in-hand with moving into a new home? Tell us about it.

A: Not in our case. We had lived together for a number of years, both in South Africa and Australia, and were renting a place together in Australia at the time of the wedding.

Q: What made you choose The Cowshed/ Where did you hear about us?

A: I first saw The Cowshed through the eyes of a number of wedding photographers I was looking at to be our photographer for the wedding. I noticed a lot of the photographers I loved had taken photos at this amazing looking venue that looked exactly like something I would love. I didn’t have any preconceptions for a venue, never really ever wanting or expecting to get married, but when I saw the photos my vision for our wedding started coming together. After further investigation about the venue, the ability for close family and friends to stay at the venue, the potential to have a food truck serving the food and the opportunity to get married among the beautiful Mpumalanga outdoors sealed the deal.

Q: What was your wedding inspiration? (think decor, overall theme and feel of the day, etc)

A: Mostly my imagination! We wanted it to be a bit quirky and fun and very “us”, with a festival feel. We incorporated some design trends from Melbourne, where we live, and mixed them with our love for our home country, South Africa, so the decor became a mix of simple urban design and bold African influences. For instance, succulents were placed in bare concrete pots with a bold stripe of yellow around the rim; the table numbers were made from colourful fabric depicting African essentials, such as Proteas, cellphones, taxis and Soweto hair salons, placed in wooden croquet wheels; and the table runners were made from fabric depicting hand drawn forest animals dressed as people. The decor was DIY and made by my mom and I. We used old bicycle rims and draped them in flowers and fairy lights, and used them for a backdrop to the couple’s table. Bunting was a must – it just screams festive! – and I couldn’t get enough – covering the hall in as much as I could. Some ideas came from scouring the internet and others just came to me. I wanted to have fun with it and for the day to be a day of relaxed revelry, which I did and which it was.

Q: Describe some of your favourite wedding details and how you came up with them.

A: One of my favourite ideas that just struck me one afternoon was the cardboard placemat that guests folded, transforming it into a burger box to take to the food truck and get their burger in. I briefed a designer friend of mine who designed and printed the final product for me. It came out beautifully and provided a fun activity for the guests while they waited their turn to line up at the food truck.

Q: What song did you walk down the aisle to?

A: Stuck On You by Meiko

Q: What song played for your first dance?

A: Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy

Q: Bride:  What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day?

A: Take the time to look around and enjoy your day! And, make the day yours. Take time for yourself and spend the day how you want to, not how you are meant to. The decision to arrive the night before and have those guests who could arrive the night before if possible was one of the best decisions I made. I was able to have the most relaxed, stress-free day, enjoying breakfast with friends and family before slowly getting ready with my bridesmaids, sipping on some champagne, because I was able to spend the afternoon before setting up for the reception and the evening before catching up with long lost family, freeing up my wedding day for beautifying and dancing rather than decorating and small talk! Also, get a good photographer that does a great job at capturing the feeling of the day and who makes the photoshoots heaps of fun. Andre made me feel so relaxed and confident in front of the camera, and we had so many laugh out loud moments during our couples shoot, creating so many special memories. I love my photographs and they take me back to every moment and all “the feels” I felt that day.

Q: Groom:  What advice would you give to future grooms for their wedding day?

A: Keep things simple, don’t overcomplicate any of the decisions and choose things you are comfortable with. Make a weekend of it if you can. This will give you a chance to catchup with everyone that makes the time to come to your wedding. Weddings are great for bringing friends and family together you have not seen in ages. Don’t feel the need to have a massive wedding and invite everyone you have ever met. Invite the people who mean something to you and who will make the wedding festive.

Q: Your wedding gown: who designed/made it? Colour? Fabric?

A: I was only on holiday in South Africa for a week at the time and I only had two days for wedding dress shopping. I finally found my dress at the last place I looked on the last day – Lady Marmalade. It was a Cosmobella dress (Style 7726) from Milan in ivory that was altered to be strapless. It suited my body shape perfectly and made me feel like a film star.

Q: The Bridesmaids outfits – what inspired them?

A: For my bridesmaids I wanted something simple and elegant, nothing over the top and something they would want to wear and could wear again. My plan was to buy something off the rack but this didn’t pan out, not being able to find anything suitable or anything that would suit all my bridesmaids, so I ended up going with made to size infinity convertible dresses in peppermint and ivory from Gelique. It wasn’t easy not being in the same country as the majority of my bridesmaids! Finding bridesmaid outfits fell mostly on my South African-based bridesmaids in the end.

Q: Your shoes: is there a story? Colour, make?

A: I bought my shoes a week before the wedding and was lucky to find the perfect ones! I wanted shoes that were cute, kinda vintage looking and, most importantly, flat! I had red in mind for the colour and I had my eyes on some leather Amanda Laird Cherry lace-ups that I found online. Crossing my fingers that The Space stocked them, I headed to the store and there they were! At the last minute I chose grey instead of red.

Q: Reception meal: how did you decide on a menu?

A: My decision was based on finding a food truck, not a menu! I wanted simple food that was made with beautifully farm fresh ingredients and that could be easily eaten by hand. Options I found included tacos, jaffles and pizzas, but my decision was made when I saw pictures of the beautiful Bedford Gastrotruck and the beautiful burgers it served. To ensure they tasted as good as they looked, I sent some friends to taste test – not being able to do it myself – and they vouched for their deliciousness as well as their creator, Thom Hughes’ general brilliance and willingness to help us achieve our vision in any way he could.



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