Xerene & Corrie’s Fairytale Wedding
November 5, 2015
Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration
February 9, 2016

The Minimalist

We hold onto objects because we think they’re going to be useful in some hypothetical future that doesn’t actually exist, we think they hold memories. Let it all go and be free.

The minimalistic lifestyle is clean and decluttered, it focuses on having only a few key items that hold value. The minimalist shoot was inspired by crisp simplicity. Weddings often become overwhelming and full of unnecessary “stuff”. This shoot was created to inspire brides that beauty can still be found with only a few key pieces. Often we compare minimalism to a cold and passionless life. This super modern shoot was inspired by current decor trends and more specifically the nordic trend. The idea was to mimic a Mr & Mrs Smith type of corporate couple. With very little emotion and passion your able to only view the symmetry and finer details. As much as most weddings are lush and colourful, we think there is a new trend about to emerge and that some brave enough to bare it all may steer in this direction. As our lives become incredibly overwhelming and we have have so little time left in each day we tend to try and have our surroundings as clean and minimalistic in order to assist our productivity levels. We decided to bring it back to the basics and focus on what is important. Marble, copper, wood, all these elements are visually beautiful and in their more minimalistic form are appreciated for so much more.

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Photographer: Kim Tracey | Clothing: Country Road | Jewelry: Katy Valentine | Hair & Make-up: Trevor Conn | Styling: by SIMONE | Decor: Country Road