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August 20, 2015
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September 17, 2015

Our Veggie Garden

We are absolutely ecstatic about the newest venture here at the Cowshed! Our dedicated team has been working day in and day out to provide us with tunnels within which to grow our own veggies. Everything coming out of our temperature controlled gardens will be one hundred percent organic, using only manure from our own horses to ensure that all of our goodies grow to their greenest potential: giving you only one hundred percent goodness.

We want our brides and grooms and everyone in-between to eat and have access to the freshest home-grown foods; that’s why we will be supplying our caterers with the best produce grown in our tunnels. Our veg will also be sent out to the restaurants surrounding the farm so that the love isn’t only restricted to us.

Our gardens will be growing: rocket, tomatoes, pak choi, sweet potato, tarragon, rosemary, beetroot, spring onion, strawberries, oregano and much, much more! All of them will be grown completely free of pesticides with the only additive being love. We have never been more excited and look forward to the delicious fruits and veggies which will fill the plates of brides, grooms, and guests to come.

For more information regarding availability, quantity and orders please contact Tammy at: | 082 802 4943

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