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April 30, 2015
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May 20, 2015

Leande & Martin’s Perfect Wedding

Martin & Leande’s Special day at The Cowshed

After an entire Friday of rainfall, some would say it was a miracle that on Saturday the day Martin and Leande were to marry there was not a drop of rain in the Badfontein Valley and believe it or not on Sunday the flood gates opened again, its moments like these when you know two people are supposed to be together. Perhaps it was no miracle, and perhaps the good weather travelled all the way from the west coast, this is in fact where the tiny yellow everlasting flowers travelled from and were still sure the weather too. Leande spotted these yellow cuties in a shop in Yzerfontein and says she immediately knew she wanted them at her wedding and with a professional eye Hester from Love & Grace made sure that Leande’s rustic décor story flowed.

Their wedding day was just spectacular and Leande looked incredible stading under the Tipuana tree in her ivory crocheted dress that worked hand in hand with the tan leather shoes – we LOVE this style, just perfect. Leande chose to dress her bridesmaids in navy blue dresses with the prettiest flower head pieces and all the colours teamed together created a chic look. When the couple told us that they are foodies we knew the guests would be in for a treat and we were right. The couple went for a hearty style menu and chose to use Ezette from Farm Inn to put it all together, nobody was disappointed, to say the least, what more could you ask for, hearty farm style food on a farm.

We asked Leande and Martin about there love story and we found out that they met through one of Leandes best friends who actually grew up with Martin and was also a beautiful bridesmaid on the day, we automatically assumed “matchmaker alert”, however Martin claims that it was one good bye hug to Leande that actually “sealed the deal”. Martin asked Leande out for a coffee date and they met for coffee and ice-cream almost every day after that first date, “aaaaaahhhh”. Shortly after their beautiful love story had started Leande was sent to Kroonstad for her community service year and the couple faced the difficult decision of “what next?”, the couple decided that if they can make it through this, then they can make it through anything and here we are today featuring the day they promised forever to one another at The Cowshed.

Lastly and most importantly we asked Leande for her advice to the brides to be and it was perfect “Before you start planning anything, think of whom you are to the core, stick to being that person and don’t conform”


Photos: Laura Leigh Photography  | Make-up: Angie  | Hair: Michelle de Souza Tziga Hair  |  Food: Ezette The Farm Inn Middleburg | Decor: Hester at Love & Grace